Against the backdrop of the pandemic, a lot of HK organizations take advantage of digital expo platform as a virtual event solution. Simply having features such as supporting live chat, polling, and Q&A is not enough. It is of utmost importance that every piece of information featured in virtual events is highly secured and stored in the private cloud of the digital expo platform HK to ensure security. Speaking of security, usually for enterprise-grade events, various sets of passcodes are needed to prevent unwanted participants as well as to protect end-user privacy. In some cases, participants are also able to lock the room to make sure that no one else get in. From text messages in chatroom to video calls, everything is encrypted to prevent information leakage.

Screen sharing is another indispensable part of a virtual event solution. Screen sharing benefits not only the host in terms of easy content sharing, but also the participants as they can comment the presentation as well as mark changes on the screen in real-time. In short, screen sharing enhances both participation and collaboration.

“Can you hear me? How about now?” Do you always hear this line when you are video conferencing with someone? Nowadays, more and more virtual event solutions offer audio and video performance of the highest fidelity with a view to enhancing users’ video conferencing experience. Participants can finally communicate with each other smoothly, and without annoying problems such as background noise and echoing audio, as if they are in the same location, regardless of where they are, be it at home, on the street, or in an office.