Setting up an account with LFP Setup is quick, simple and easy. The LPF Setup has minimized the process for our respected clients and customers. Because of the new form of trust fund, LPF HK does not require any minimal funding. As soon as you have prepared the application form and the application fee, the crew would be able to start the process effortlessly. One thing to note, the form and fee would need to be submitted by a registered law firm. If you are unable to organize that, for any reasons, you can contact our team by clicking here, we will be in touch shortly to assist with your needs. We offer a wide range of services to support you with the setup procedure, so you do not have to break a single sweat. As one of the top services in Hong Kong, we are no longer utilizing the old form of unit trust structure or open-ended fund structure, as the time cost and expenditure cost is far too high for our respected customer to lose. LPF HK provides the sharpest process that is favorable for private investments like you. With the ever-growing population of investments company in Hong Kong, LPF HK would be the best option if you are looking to invest your fund and asset in the prime location of Asia, Hong Kong. We can assure you that no one can beat our setup process due to the amount of effort and research we have put in the process prior to the funding framework have even been introduced.