Hung Hing continues to grow its global influence with the production and sustainable paper products. Premiums promotional products are distributed across the world to businesses of all sizes looking for quality printing services that can represent their brands effectively.

Since 1950, Hung Hing has been building its impeccable reputation as an innovative printing company with its sustainable paper products of top quality. From traditional to modern solutions, a team of professionals has mastered all types of printing styles and techniques that were recognized in Asia decades ago, after its expansion to the global market. In recent decades, a long list of gigantic companies around the world partnered up with Hung Hing for the production and distribution of premiums promotional products. The flexibility and versatility of this printing company allow a team of enthusiasts with expertise and experience to help their clients express their ideas and receive satisfactory results that impact their brand visibility and image building.

Hung Hing promoted sustainable paper products since its foundation. A qualified, creative team presented a responsible approach that focuses on delivering premiums promotional products of the highest quality while contributing to the improvement and preservation of the environment. Hence, this printing company utilizes eco-friendly materials, recycles wasted paper and raises awareness of the importance of sustainability. With its strong influence in Asia, Hung Hing managed to motivate customers, as well as its competitors to adopt environment-friendly habits and business methodologies that started showing progress in Hong Kong and will show even greater results in the future considering that more and more companies are adjusting their systems to reduce the utilization of harmful components and utilize sustainable materials instead.