People across the world fully understood the importance of the digital environment during the COVID19 quarantine. This time also helped tech geniuses create products that will facilitate daily online tasks to users worldwide. UC. Now is a Webinar Platform that serves various purposes; it provides a creative, productive online workplace for groups of all sizes.

U.C. Now is a Webinar Portal founded by passionate engineers that aim to make online communication even more enjoyable and realistic. Members of the platform can use it for company meetings, group projects, presentations, interviews, and more. People can interact on UC. Now anytime and anywhere.

As a Webinar Platform, the goal of UC. Now is to provide all the tools that hosts and participants need. Thus, the platform allows the Administrator of the channel to add a Trainer, who can add Trainees. The trainer can upload files to the Webinar Portal and all the other users can access them easily.

The Administrator/Trainer can schedule the meeting on the Webinar Platform and invite all members to attend it timely. The Webinar Portal will send out emails to all the marked users, with a reminder of the meeting time.

A creative team with a promising vision is leading UC. Now. Although the Webinar Platform already has a solid user base, it keeps expanding and gaining more recognition. Thus, there is a high chance that UC. Now it will become the leading Webinar Portal in the future. The developers are inviting new members to try out the innovative tools at UC. Now, stay connected professionally and recreationally and be productive online.