Humanities HK is a prestigious Faculty with innovative programs that maximize the potential of its students and prepare them for challenges and progress in various industries with a strong focus on digital technologies. Since its foundation, Digital Humanities proudly helped talented students develop their academic strengths and improve their weaknesses.

The goal of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Studies and Digital Communication is to equip students with strong digital literacy skills and help them build a digitally enriched curriculum. Humanities HK serves to build a solid foundation in linguistics, digital literacy and the English language. Enhanced programs of Digital Humanities consolidate hands-on experience and help students learn how to use advanced digital tools for language applications that serve them greatly in their future careers.

One of the latest confirmations of Digital Humanities’ quality is the information that four FHM scholars were ranked the world’s top 2% of scientists by Stanford University. Humanities HK consistently works on the development of its services; its programs are designed uniquely to help each use their full potential and grow academically through innovative practices and experiences.

With over 1500 international students, 4 departments, 8 research centers, over 20 development programs, and 240+ staff members in different categories, Digital Humanities continues to provide a safe, progressive space for talents in Hong Kong, as well as international students looking for an educational institution that will help them build strong literacy and digital skills and assist them in getting enough experience to tackle the most demanding challenges of the digital era.