Advanced Placement Calculus (AP Calculus/AP Calc) includes two Advanced Placement calculus exams and courses. College Board, an American nonprofit organization offers these courses and they revolve around basic elements of derivatives, limits, and integrals. Students without advanced math knowledge typically consider AP calculus class difficult. However, the importance of calculus is undeniable. Students that are not familiar with these courses are highly encouraged to seek help from an AP Math Tutor. AP calculus opens many doors that can determine the success of the student. Different forms of calculus appear in engineering, science, computer science, economics, and finance, among other fields.

High school students can earn credit before graduation and prepare for college with an experienced AP Math Tutor. The AP program is present in approximately 15,000 schools worldwide and 60% of high schools in the US. Students can find the AP courses in 22 subject areas, in 38 varieties of the AP program.

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Apart from the AP classes, Vic prepares students for a variety of reputable exams, including the ISEB Common Entrance Exam, IB DP and IB MYP, SAT, and UKiset. With effective teaching strategies, a communicative approach, Vic Li helps students understand math and makes them see the challenge in it, which is crucial for further success in the field.