When it comes to basketball course, there are basically two types: A basketball short course that lasts for about a month, during which your child will learn how to dribble, shoot and pass the ball; and A longer basketball course that will last for a few weeks or even months, during which your child will focus more on developing his/her overall game.

Short courses are usually organized in one-month blocks, but some schools have longer courses that last for two to three months. Both short and longer courses are organized around a set of lessons that will take place on a regular basis. Each lesson usually starts with a few minutes of warm-up exercises, followed by a series of drills and then a play with the ball. A basketball short course may not seem like much fun at first, but after your child has been doing it for a while, he/she will start to enjoy it.

Towards the end of the basketball course, your child will learn about shooting. During this phase, your child will be introduced to the concepts of shooting while learning how to shoot from different angles, including from the right side, from the left side, and while moving toward the net.