What do you have planned for the weekend? Do you want to go shopping in a fantastic lifestyle store in Hong Kong? Kapok is the no. 1 HK lifestyle shop I’ve been swooning over lately. Arnault Castel established kapok with the goal of creating a communal space for those who share his passion for fashion. It has evolved from HK lifestyle select shop to a globally recognized brand for its distinctive approach to fashion and design. Basically, kapok curates a collection of inspired fashion and lifestyle goods from both around the world and right here in HK. The nicest thing about kapok is that it promotes new female-owned companies and long-lasting brands.

I prefer kapok pmq to the other 5 kapok stores in HK. I like how they mostly offer local designs to support HK artists. I also go to 5 St. Francis Yard on occasion since there are several small brands there that specialize in comfy, laid-back designs.

Aside from clothing, I always get my scented candles from kapok. I was able to acquire scented candles from Tiny Island, PF Candle, Lump Studio, Elizabeth W, and many more thanks to kapok. Have fun exploring kapok this weekend!