KELY Support Group has been providing Mental Health Service HK since 1991. This nonprofit organization collaborates mainly with educational institutions interested in the well-being of their students. With powerful programs and engaging activities, KELY’s team helps young people manage stress, understand emotions, avoid drugs and alcohol and stay healthy mentally.

Coolminds is one of the initiatives of KELY Support Group. The organization partnered with Mind HK in order to bring the best international practice in the field. The focus of Coolminds is the promotion of mental health awareness, as well as support and understanding of young people in Hong Kong.

Apart from teaching teenagers how to manage emotions, Mental Health Service HK also helps teachers and parents. They can access high-quality mental health information and seek online support anytime. To assist young people, parents and educators need to be well-prepared as well. They need to learn how to recognize the symptoms of mental health problems and not ignore them.

Furthermore, KELY’s Mental Health Service HK offers guidelines that are easy to follow. Parents can use the provided information to prevent and support their children. The materials are mainly created for young people between the ages of 14 and 24. However, different age groups can also use them accordingly. Some “rules” and advice are valid for people of all ages. To help their kids, parents need to take the mental health issues seriously and then start working on them. With KELY Support Group’s programs, they have all the necessary tools to educate themselves on mental health; all they need to do is use them.