Visiting Nina Mall 1 & 2 is essential for Hong Kong’s visitors and a habit of locals! Tsuen Wan dining is a one-of-a-kind experience that tourists cannot miss and locals cannot go without. With over 20 restaurants in the mall, people can choose what kind of cuisine they would like to try. From Asian delights to Western delicacies, every visitor can find a new favorite dish at the Tsuen Wan dining.

There are many outstanding features of Nina Mall. However, one is especially important to people in Hong Kong – the Tsuen Wan car park. Worrying about where to park the car may not seem like a big problem but it truly is. Surprisingly, most people put car parking benefits as the top aspect that attracts them to Nina Mall; some even above the Tsuen Wan dining!

Why does Nina Mall’s Tsuen Wan car park have great reviews? – Because the parking is spacious, visible, and easy to use! With more than 400 parking spaces, the mall removes any worries that visitors may have regarding their vehicles. In fact, if they are members of the VIP Club, people that visit Nina Mall can enjoy numerous Tsuen Wan car advantages.

VIP members that spend over $600 at the mall can use 3 hours of free parking during the busiest days – weekends and holidays! Becoming a part of the VIP Club is extremely easy. All it takes is a quick registration to the Nina Mall app and all the amazing advantages of the privileged club open immediately and improve the experience at the mall even more.