Established for more than 20 year, Guard Security Equipment Company Limited, a leading company in the security industry, offers a numbers of security products like security camera, IP solution, digital video recorder and integrated security systems etc. 

Working with a number of high quality and stable security system brands, the company is also the exclusive agent of SONY Camera, DiSS, VidoNet, Osma and more. Among all these brands, DiSS and VidoNet (a thermal camera brand) are widely used in diversified industries like retail segment, transportation segment, hospital, banking, stadiums and more since 1997. VidoNet’s thermal camera hong kong triggers voice alarm when abnormal body temperature and no mask are detected which is very important during the pandemic time. The thermal camera also possesses a high face recognition accuracy rate which also improve the security system of your company. For places like residential areas, hotels, shopping malls and banks, a higher security level is a must. DiSS’s DI-AIO-SERVER is one of the best products in the market. It is a smart integrated surveillance platform with video input, storage, transfer and device management functions designed specifically for digital surveillance applications. It can connect to up to 1000 devices and can expand up to 384TB storage. 

For companies that are looking for security solutions, our professional sales team will conduct a research and identify your needs before presenting a tailor-made solution that fits your company. A comprehensive support and follow up will be given to the company once the solution is confirmed. Contact us now if you want to learn more.